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CRPA 40th Anniversary T-Shirt BlueCRPA 40th Anniversary T-Shirt GreenCRPA 40th Anniversary Logo            ON SALE!
            The 40th anniversary Tees are a big hit and available in
            blue or green. NEW PRICE: $10.  
            Blue sizes: L, XL and XXL.  Green sizes: XL, and XXL.
            Wear one of these and find out quickly how many people have                       links to the Cowpasture River.  They'll stop you on the street!






Wallawhatoola T-ShirtWallawhatoola T-Shirt Logo

       It's been around for several years, but people still love the
       "Wallawhatoola"  Tee with a nice graphic on the back and
       bit of Native American history.
       Red: Available in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL and Youth M and L.
       Price: $15. Green: Available in XL and 2XL








  ToteCRPA 40th Anniversary Logo


            ON SALE!
            Keep those plastic bags out of the landfills by switching to our 100% cotton,
            anniversary tote bag.  This large (15"H, 17"W) tote will carry lots of groceries
            and/or other items, advertising your love of the river with every trip to the store.
            NEW PRICE $10.








           ON SALE!
           This sturdy, high quality 14 oz. mug will feel great in your hand for that morning cup!
           Also, great for gifts to family and friends who know the river.  NEW PRICE:  $7.





            CRPA Baseball Caps


          Always popular! CRPA logo baseball caps in beige with blue embroidery or blue
          with beige embroidery.  Price:  $15.  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.







          Mark your territory!   CRPA bumper and boat stickers tell everyone you care.  Small (6" wide): $3.00.
          Large (9" wide): $5.00.  Another great gift for friends and family.