There are many resources available to help people learn more about taking good care of our waterways, about conserving land and water, and about Virginia's watersheds. The CRPA hopes to help members and visitors gain a better understanding of stewardship by taking advantages of educational resources.  In some cases, learning can happen through workshops or training sessions offered by the CRPA.  Those opportunities are listed on our events page.  For events and training programs offered by other agencies or organizations, we provide links below.  We welcome your feedback on programs that we might tap into for the benefit of our members and the public.  This page will be updated regularly to make as much educational information available as possible. 

James River Association:  Home and Landowners resources  What you can do in your own backyard.

EPA's "Watershed Academy" webcast page  You can register for free web-based programs on many topics.

Virginia's "Regulatory Townhall" website  Find out what the state agencies are up to and see or register to receive information about public meetings.


Dabney Lancaster Ecology Macrobenthos TrainingDabney Lancaster Ecology Macrobenthos Training

 CRPA volunteers teaching Dabney Lancaster Ecology students on the importance of macrobenthos in determining water quality.